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What to Expect

what to expect

  • Expect to see people of diverse ethnic backgrounds dressed like you, whether you’re wearing a suit and tie, dress, or blue jeans. Come as you are. We are more concerned about meeting your needs than what you wear. You will see people dressed in a wide range of attire from jeans to dress clothes. We want everyone to feel at home.


  • Expect to encounter real people, living in the real world, in love with a real God. Regular people seeking to find grace, truth, authenticity and intimacy with God. People who don't have it all figured out, but like you, are on a journey.


  • Expect to receive a warm, friendly greeting when you arrive. Don't forget to grab a cup of coffee and fresh breakfast food located in the fellowship hall below the sanctuary.


  • Expect to meet a pastor who wants to get to know you.


  • Expect to understand and enjoy an hour long service on Sunday’s and engaging small group studies. The messages are relevant, engaging and down to earth.


  • Expect great music, creative media designed to engage and inspire.


  • Expect your children to love it. Your children will explore and learn about God in ways that engage them. For families with children in Grades 5 or younger plan to arrive a few minutes early (if it's your first time visiting) to check in your kids at our nursery or their classroom. You will find a safe, secure, fun environment for your children and preschoolers. We desire to meet special needs for all children who may require individual care.


  • Expect your teenager to make new friends and enjoy an energetic student time of worship where your teenager will be challenged and inspired.

                                                   Most importantly,


  • Expect to experience the love of Christ.


Come check us out, and take the next step toward meeting our church family.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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